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126   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

So much for business. Went to the Opera last night, Taglioni, last appearance -am quite hoarse with bellowing out "bravo." Aunt Gurneys has been out of town for 3 weeks, just returned. I went to see Courvoisier hung, and was close to the gallows, poor fellow. I went professionally for death by hanging is a medico-legal subject of some importance.

Tell Delly that I have not seen a scrap of her handwriting for ages and that she must send me a letter. What does she do without her school? I am glad that she is going to Somersetshire [Loxton], it will do her back so much good. Nothing is so bad for health, such as hers is, as a sedentary (lying-down-in-a-school-all-day) habit of living and one without variation. If she divides her attention between two sets of objects-to both of which she is attached-school and farm-her health will be wonderfully improved, Frampton's pills of health discarded and steel mixtures thrown down the sink.

My accounts shall be sent by return of post, if you will tell me in your next letter how you would like me to send them.

Good bye.   Your affectionate Son,


This is wrapped in an "11 d. a dozen" cover.

The Paris trip was not destined to come off. A new direction was to be given to Francis Galton's plans ; but the goal reached was far from the direction indicated at the start. The Wanderlust had seized Francis, although he was little conscious of it, and laboratories and lecture-rooms were incapable of holding him back.

MONDAY, July [13], 1840, 17 NEW ST., SPRING GARDENS.


Thanks for letter, I am in a great hurry for the post, so I will send

accounts to-morrow.

Please write an answer and send it with all the speed a penny envelope is capable of.

Wm Miller is going to Giessen in Germany, to Liebig's Laboratory-Liebig is the 1st Chemist (in organic chemistry) in the world. In his Laboratory there is every opportunity for getting on, in addition to the certainty of a knowledge of German being acquired. The terms are very low, not more than £5 for admission, though of course there are many more expenses in the way of tests and other documents. Wm Miller tries to persuade me to go with him. I should like to go. Have you any objection? I write to Hodgson by this post to ask his opinion. Miller is as you know exceedingly talented and will in all probability rise high. My acquaintance with Bowman has proved to be most useful-a similar acquaintance with Miller promises to be so. Liebig's assistance will of course be invaluable to me in after life; and as his immediate pupil, more especially as I am a foreigner and come with an introduction from Daniell, I shall have every opportunity of acquiring his friendship. Again Daniell

' Mrs Hudson Gurney: see Plate XLVII.

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