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34   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

serve to elucidate the complex relations of Freames, Barclays, Farmers and Galtons. Thus Samuel Tertius Galton was second cousin to Hudson Gurney, and Sir Francis himself great-nephew to Mrs Hudson Gurney, Margaret Barclay, the sister of the pedestrian ! It will be seen how the Freames, if not among the persecuted Quakers, were associated with some of the most industrious, zealous and noteworthy of the Quaker stocks.

Of the Braines, tobacconists of Wapping, we have been able to piece together less information. The two brothers, James and John, and the sister, Elizabeth, were all married between 1670 and 1677, James to Elizabeth Graeme in 1670; John to Elizabeth Hutchins of Ratcliffe in Jan. 1672-3, and Elizabeth to Henry Fiegensnow of Limehouse in 1677. Of James Braine we know that in 1681, for refusing to take the oath at a coroner's inquest, his goods were taken by distress ; and again, in the winter of 1684, the Quakers were kept out of their meeting at Ratcliffe by a guard of soldiers, but they held their meeting constantly in the yard or street. For doing this they were fined, and James Braine again had his goods taken by distress. William Braine and Thomas Braine suffered also imprisonment and fine-they were doubtless relatives. Where the Braines originally came from I have not succeeded in finding out. Some of the records point to Somerset and Gloucestershire, and the name occurs in the Gloucestershire Visitations and in the Registers of Little Deane as that of a family of some distinction. In London they lived in Stepney Parish, and the various Quaker Braines belonged to Wapping and Ratcliffe. The family must, however, have been commercially of some weight, or we should hardly find them in touch with the Barclays. The birth entries in the registers (the spelling varies) are

To John Braine of Wapping, Parish of Stepney (Tobacconist), and Margaret' (in one entry there is by a slip Mary) his wife.- Thomas Braine, b. 12/11/1674; Margaret Braine, b. 13/5/1676 (married 14/7/1699 at Devonshire House, Abraham Coleman 2 of Wapping) ; Elizabeth Braine, b. 20/12/1677 -(married 6/6/1696 Robert Barclay of Scotland); Francis Braine, b. 23/11/1679; FarleyBraine,b.17/1/1682-3;

' If Elizabeth Hutchins be not a slip for Margaret Hutchins, John Braine's first

wife must have died in her first year of marriage.

2 The name suggests Anne Coleman, cruelly flogged as a Quaker at the cart tail

through New England. Sewel, History of Friends, Vol. i, pp. 431-4.

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