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si son, Rt. Hon. Richard Burdon Haldane (b. 1856), P.C., M.P., high honours at Edinburgh and three other Scotch universities ; author of Life of Adam Smith " and of "Memoirs on Education."

["Who's Who."]

si son, John Scott Haldane (b. 186o), q.v., M. D., F.R.S., University Lecturer on Physiology at Oxford ; joint editor and founder of "Journal of Hygiene."-[" Who's Who."]

si da, Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane (q.v.).

More distant kinsmen and connections

fa me bro, John Scott, first Earl of Eldon (17511838), famous Lord Chancellor of England.--[" Diet. N. Biog."]

fa me bro, William Scott (1745-1836), first Baron Stowell, eminent maritime and international lawyer; judge of High Court of Admiralty, 1798-1828).[" Diet. N. Biog."]

wife's bro, Farrer, first Lord Herschell, Lord Chancellor of England.

Charles Ch ree, Sc. D. (Camb. ), LL.D. (Aberdeen), F.R.S. (186o), Superintendent Observatory Department, National Physical Lab. ; graduated Aberdeen, 1879, obtaining gold medal awarded to the most distinguished graduate in Arts of the year ; Sixth Wrangler, Cambridge, 1883 ; first division Math. Tripos, Part III. ; first class Natural Sciences Tripos,