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Part 11. ; and Fellow of King's College, 1885 ; re-elected as Research Fellow, 1890. " Who's Who."]

fa, Charles Chree, Hon. D. D. Aberdeen University; for many years clerk to Presbytery of Meigle, and convener of committee for examining divinity students in St. Andrew's University. Had considerable reputation in Church of Scotland for general scholarship, and especially for knowledge of Hebrew.

bro, William Chree, after graduating with first class mathematical honours at Aberdeen University, obtained a " Fullerton " mathematical scholarship. In addition to prizes in mathematics and physics at Aberdeen, obtained also prizes in Latin, natural history, and moral philosophy. At Edinburgh University was awarded either first or second prizes in Scots Law, conveyancing, civil law, public law, and constitutional history. Practises as advocate at Scotch Bar.

b;-o, Alexander Bain Chree, died young, having graduated at Aberdeen University with first class honours in mathematics, obtaining prizes in mathematics, physics, Latin, Greek, moral philosophy, and natural history.

si, Jessie Scarth Chree, obtained two prizes and honours in at least four subjects (French, logic, Latin, physics) in the Edinburgh University local examinations.