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Eugenics-Passages from my early writings-Original sin-Breeding dogs for intelligence-Great extension of my work by Professor Karl Pearson-Eugenics laboratory-Duty towards race improvement

T HE subject of Race Improvement, or Eugenics, with which I have much occupied myself during the last few years, is a pursuit of no recent interest. I published my views as long ago as 1865, in two articles written in Macmillan's Magazine [20], while preparing materials for my book, Hereditary Genius. But I did not then realise, as now, the, powerful influence of Small Causes upon statistical results. I was too much disposed to think of marriage under some regulation, and not enough of the effects of self-interest and of social and religious sentiment. Popular feeling was not then ripe to accept even the elementary truths of hereditary talent and character, upon which the possibility of Race Improvement depends. Still less was it prepared to consider dispassionately any proposals for practical action. So I laid the subject wholly to one side for many years. Now I see my way better, and an appreciative audience is at last to be had, though it be small.

As in most other cases of novel views, the wrongheadedness of objectors to Eugenics has been curious.