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The following memoirs by the author, bearing on Heredity, have been variously utilised in this volume

Experiments in Pangenesis. Proc. Royal Soc., No. 127, 1871, p. 393. Blood Relationship. Proc, Royal Sac., No. 136, 1872, p. 394. A Theory of Heredity. Journ. Anthropol. Inst., 1875, p. 329. Statistics by Intercomparison. Phil. Hag., Jan. 1875.

*On the Probability of the Extinction of Families. Journ. Anthropol.

Inst., 1875.

Typical laws of Heredity. Journ. Royal Inst., Feb. 1877. *Geometric Mean in Vital and Social Statistics. Proc. Royal Soc.,

No. 198, 1879. See subsequent memoir by Dr. Macalister. Address to Anthrop. Section British Association at Aberdeen.

Journ. Brit. Assoc., 1885.

Regression towards Mediocrity in Hereditary Stature. Journ. Anthropol. Inst., 1885.

Presidential Addresses to Anthropol. Inst., 1885, 6 and 7.

Family Likeness in Stature. Proc. Royal Soc., No. 242, 1886. Family Likeness in Eye-colour. Proc. Royal Soc., No. 245, 1886. *Good and Bad Temper in English Families. Fortnightly Review,

July, 1887.

Pedigree Moth Breeding. Trans. Entomolog. Soc., 1887. See also subsequent memoir by Mr. Merrifield, and another read by him, Dee. 1887.

Those marked with an asterisk (*) are reprinted with slight revision in the Appendices F, D, and E.