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not all of them. So I conceive it to be with hereditary transmission, No given pair can possibly transmit the whole of their ancestral qualities ; on the other hand, there is probably no description of ancestor whose qualities have not been in some cases transmitted to a descendant.

The fact that certain ancestral forms persist in breaking out, such as the zebra-looking stripes on the donkey, is no argument against this view. The reversion may fairly be ascribed to precisely the same cause that makes it almost impossible to wholly destroy the breed of certain weeds in a garden, inasmuch as they are prolific and very hardy, and wage successful battle with their vegetable competitors whenever they arc not heavily outmatched in numbers.

If the Personal and Latent Elements are transmitted on the average in equal numbers, it is difficult to suppose that there can be much difference in their variety.

Pure Breed.-In a perfectly pure breed, maintained during an indefinitely long period by careful selection, the tendency to regress towards the M of the general population, would disappear, so far as that tendency may be due to the inheritance of mediocre ancestral qualities, and not to causes connected with the relative stability of different types. The Q of Fraternal Deviations from their respective true Mid-Fraternities which we called b, would also diminish, because it is partly dependent on the children in the same family taking