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x.]   DISEASE   173

sumption feared, and died of bad chill. Chest colds with pleurisy and congestion of lungs. Died of an attack on the chest. Always delicate. Delicate lungs. Haemorrhage of lungs. Loss of part of lung. Severe pulmonary attacks and chest affections.

2. Suspicious :-Chest complaints. Delicate chest. Colds, cough and bronchitis. Delicate, and died of asthma. Scrofulous tendency.

3. Somewhat suspicious :-Asthma when young. Pulmonary congestion. Not strong ; anaemic. Delicate. Colds, coughs. Debility ; general weakness. [The context was especially considered in this group.]

Parent to Child.-I have only four cases in which both parents were consumptive; these will be omitted in the following remarks ; but whether included or not, the results would be unaltered, for they run parallel to the rest.

There are 66 marriages in which one parent was consumptive ; they produced between them 413 children, of whom 70 were actually consumptive, and others who were suspiciously so in various degrees. When reckoned according to the above method of computation, these amounted to 37 cases in addition, forming a total of 107. In other words, 26 per cent. of the children were consumptive. Where neither parent was consumptive, the proportion in a small batch of well marked cases that I tried, was as high as 18 or 19' per cent., but this is clearly too much, as that of the general population is only 16 per cent. Again, by taking each fraternity separately and dividing the quantity of consumption in it by the number of its members, I obtained the average