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statistical inquiries, however fair our intentions may be, and as it in justice always excites suspicion, I decided, though with much regret at their loss, to omit the whole of those who were not adult.

Sexual Distribution.-Men and women, as classes, may differ little in their natural artistic capacity, but such difference - as there is in adult life is somewhat in favour of the women. Table 9B contains 894 cases, 447 of men and 447 of women, divided into three groups according to the rank they hold in the pedigrees. These groups agree fairly well among themselves, and therefore their aggregate results may be freely accepted as trustworthy. They show that 28 per cent. of the males are Artistic and 72 are Not Artistic, and that there are 33 per cent. Artistic females to 67 -who are Not Artistic. Part of this female superiority is doubtless to be ascribed to the large share that music and drawing occupy in the education of women, and to the greater leisure that most girls have, or take, for amusing themselves. If the artistic gifts of men and women are naturally the same, as the experience of schools where music -and drawing are taught, apparently shows it to be, the small difference observed in favour of women in adult life would be a measure of the smallness of the effect of education compared to that of natural talent. Disregarding the distinction of sex, the figures in Table 9B show that the number of Artistic to Non-Artistic persons in the general population is in the proportion