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of the total number of children in 'the family will probably possess it. Also, as a consequence of this view of the meaning of a fractional chance, it follows that the residue of 0.40 must be rateably assigned between light and dark Eye-colour, in the proportion in which those Eye-colours are found in the race generally, and this was seen to be (see Table 16) as 61,2 : 26.1 ; so I allot 0'28 out of the above residue . of 0.40 to the heritage of light, and 0.12 to the heritage of dark. When the parent is hazel-eyed I allot 3 of his total contribution of 0 .30, i.e., 0'20 to light, and 3, i.e. 0'10 to dark. These chances are entered in the first pair of columns headed I. in Table 17..

The pair of columns headed I. in Table 18 shows the way of summing the chances that are given in the columns that have a similar heading in Table 17. By the method there shown, I calculated all the entries that appear in the columns with the heading 1. in Tables 19 and 20.

II. Eye-colours given of the four Grand Parents

Suppose -D to be possessed by G, and that nothing whatever is known with certainty of any other ancestor of S. Then it has been shown that the child of G, (that is F) will possess 3D ; that each of the two parents of G, (who stand in the relation of G2 to 8) will also possess ID; that each of the four grandparents of GI (who stand in the relation of Gg to S) will possess -',,D, and so on. Also it has been shown that the shares of their several peculiarities that will on the average

be transmitted by F, G,, G,f &c., are g, tee, j; -, &c.,