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1.21 inch, which agrees excellently with the observed value.'

Variability in Co-Fraternities.-As all the Adult Sons and Transmuted Daughters of the same MidParent, form what is called a Fraternity, so all the Adult Sons and Transmuted Daughters of a group of MidParents who have the same Stature (reckoned to the nearest inch) will be termed a Co-Fraternity. Each line in Table 11 refers to a separate Co-Fraternity and expresses the distribution of Stature among them. There are three reasons why Co-Fraternals should be more diverse among themselves than brothers. First, because their Mid-Parents are not of identical height, but may differ even as much as one inch. Secondly, because their grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on indefinitely backwards, may have differed widely. Thirdly, because the nurture or rearing of Co-Fraternals is more various than that of Fraternals. The brothers in a Fraternity of townsfolk do not seem to differ more among themselves than those in a Fraternity of countryfolk, but a mixture of Fraternities derived indiscriminately from the two sources, must show greater diversity than either of them taken by themselves. The large differences between town and country-folk, and those between persons of different social classes, are conspicuous in the data contained in the Report of the

1 In all my values referring to human stature, the second decimal is rudely approximate. I am obliged to use it, because if I worked only to tenths of an inch, sensible errors might creep in entirely owing to arith

metical operations.