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The only drawback to the use of Stature in statistical inquiries, is its small variability, one half of the population differing less than 1.7 inch from the average of all of them. In other words, its Q is only 1.7 inch.

Description of the Tables of Stature.-I have arranged and discussed my materials in a great variety of ways, to guard against rash conclusions, but do not think it necessary to trouble the reader with more than a few Tables, which afford sufficient material to determine the more important constants in the formula; that will be used.

Table 11, R.F.F., refers to the relation between the Mid-Parent and his (or should we say its ?) Sons and Transmuted Daughters, and it records the Statures of 928 adult offspring of 205 Mid-Parents. It shows the distribution of Stature among the Sons of each successive group of Mid-Parents, in which the latter are all of the same Stature, reckoning to the nearest inch. I have calculated the M of each line, chiefly by drawing Schemes from the entries in it. Their values are printed at the ends of the lines and they form the right-hand column of the Table.

Tables 12 and 13 refer to the relation between Brothers. The one is derived from the R.F.F. and the other from the Special data. They both deal with small or moderately sized Fraternities, excluding the larger ones for reasons that will be explained directly, but the R.F.F. Table is the least restricted in this respect, as it only excludes families of 6 brothers and upwards. The data