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that ideal personage to whom we have already been introduced under the name of a Mid-Parent. Stature has already been spoken of as a well-marked instance of the heritages that blend freely in the course of hereditary transmission. It now becomes necessary to substantiate the statement, because it is proposed to trace the relationship between the Mid-Parent and the Son. It would not be possible to discuss the relationship between either parent singly, and the son, in a trustworthy way, without the help of a much larger number of observations than are now at my disposal. They ought to be numerous enough to give good assurance that the cases of tall and short, among the unknown parents, shall neutralise one another ; otherwise the uncertainty of the stature of the unknown parent would make the results uncertain to a serious degree. I am heartily glad that I shall be able fully to justify the method of dealing with Mid-Parentages instead of with single Parents.

The evidence is as follows :-If the Stature of children depends only upon the average Stature of their two Parents, that of the mother having been first transmuted, it will make no difference in a Fraternity whether one of the Parents was tall and the other short, or whether they were alike in Stature. But if some children resemble one Parent in Stature and others resemble the other, the Fraternity will be more diverse when their Parents had differed in Stature than when they were alike. We easily acquaint ourselves with the facts by separating a considerable number of Fraternities into two contrasted groups : (a) those who are the progeny