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" The examination will be conducted by the donor ofthe prizes, aided by competent examiners.

" The value of the individual prizes cannot be fixed beforehand. No prize will, however, exceed 501., nor be less than 51., and 5001. will on the whole be awarded.

" A list of the gainers of the prizes will be posted to each of them. It will be published in one or more of the daily newspapers, also in at least one clerical, and one medical Journal."

The number of Family Records sent in reply to this offer, that deserved to be seriously considered before adjudging the prizes, barely reached 150 ; 70 of these being contributed by males, 80 by females. The remainder were imperfect, or they were marked " not for competition," but at least '10 of these have been to some degree utilised. The 150 Records were contributed by persons of very various ranks. After classing the female writers according to the profession of their husbands, if they were married, or according to that of their fathers, if they were unmarried, I found that each of the following 7 classes had 20 or somewhat fewer representatives : (1) Titled persons and landed gentry ; (2) Army and Navy ; (3) Church (various denominations) ; (4) Law ; (5) Medicine ; (6) Commerce, higher class ; (7) Commerce, lower class. This accounts for nearly 130 of the writers of the Records ; the remainder are land agents, farmers, artisans, literary men, schoolmasters, clerks, students, and one domestic servant in a family of position.