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both the ratios and the differences between either pair of values would be sensibly the same.

A different way of comparing two Schemes is sometimes useful. It is to draw them in opposed directions, as in Fig. 5, p. 40. Their curves will then cut each other at some point, whose Grade when referred to either of the two Schemes (whichever of them may be preferred), determines the point at which the same values are to be found. In Fig. 5, the Grade in the one Scheme is 20'; therefore in the other Scheme it is 100°-20°, or 80°. In respect to the Strength of Pull of men and women, it appears that the woman who occupies the Grade of 96° in her Scheme, has the same strength as the man who occupies the Grade of 4° in his Scheme.

I should add that this great inequality in Strength between the sexes, is confirmed by other measurements made at the same time in respect to the Strength of their Squeeze, as tested by another of Salter's instruments. Then the woman in the 93rd and the man in the 7th Grade of their resective Schemes, proved to be of equal strength. In my paper' on the results obtained at the laboratory, I remarked : " Very powerful women exist, but happily perhaps for the repose of the other sex such gifted women are rare. Out of 1,657 adult women of all ages measured at the laboratory, the strongest could only exert a squeeze of 86 lbs., or about that of a medium man."

I Jour. Anthropol. Inst. 1885. asem.: There is a blunder in the paragraph, p. 23, headed "Height Sitting and Standing." The paragraph should be struck out.