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electrical batteries was that which is still known as a Grove battery, being the invention of Sir William Grove. Its principle was quite new at the time, and it continues in use without alteration,

The persistence in inheritance of trifling characteristics, such as a mole, a white tuft of hair, or multiple fingers, has often been remarked. The reason of it is, I presume, that such characteristics have inconsiderable influence upon the general organic stability ; they are mere exerescences, that -may be associated with very different types, and are therefore inheritable without let or hindrance.

it seems to me that stability of type, about which we as yet know very little, must be an important factor in the general theory of heredity, when the theory is applied to cases of high breeding. It will be shown later on, at what point a separate allowance requires to be made for it. But in the earlier and principal part of the inquiry, which deals with the inheritance of qualities that are only exceptional in a small degree, a separate allowance does not appear to be required.

Infertility of Mixed Types.-It is not difficult to see in a general way why very different types should refuse to coalesce, and it is scarcely possible to explain the reason why, more clearly than by an illustration. Thus a useful blend between a four-wheeler and a hansom would be impossible ; it would have to run on three wheels and the half-way position for the driver would be upon its roof. A blend would be equally impossible