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and invariably tends to establish the following staff of officers : President, vice-Presidents, a Council, Honorary Secretaries, a paid Secretary, Trustees, and a Treasurer. As Britons are not unfrequently servile to rank, some seek a purely ornamental Patron as well.

Every variety of Crowd has its own characteristic features. At a national pageant, an evening party, a race-course, a marriage, or a funeral, the groupings in each case recur so habitually that it sometimes appears to me as if time had no existence, and that the ceremony in which I am taking part is identical with others at which I had been present one year, ten years, twenty years, or any other time ago.

The frequent combination of the same features in Landscape Scenery, justifies the use of such expressions as " true to nature," when applied to a pictorial composition or to the descriptions of a novel writer. The experiences of travel in one part of the world may curiously resemble those in another. Thus the military expedition by. boats up the Nile was planned from experiences gained on the Red River of North America, and was carried out with the aid of Canadian voyageurs. The snow mountains all over the world present the same peculiar difficulties to the climber, so that Swiss experiences and in many cases Swiss guides have been used for the exploration of the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the lofty mountains of New Zealand, the Andes, and Greenland. Whenever the general conditions of a ,new country resemble our own, we recognise characteristic and familiar features at every turn, whether we