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No. of the   811BJECHB OF THE TABLES.   rAOE Tables.

13. Ditto from the Special data    210

14. Deviations of Individual brothers from their common MidFraternal Stature    211

15, Frequency of the different Eye Colours in 4 successive Generations    212

16. The Descent of Hazel-Eyed families    213 17. Calculated contributions from Parents and from Grandparents,

according as they are Light, Hazel, or Dark eyed . . . . 213 18. Examples of the application of Table 17 ,    214

19. Observed and calculated Eye Colours in 16 groups of families 215 20. Ditto in 78 separate families    216

21.   Amounts of error in the various calculations of anticipated

Eye Colour    218

22.   Inheritance of the Artistic Faculty    218
A. Memoirs and Books on Heredity by the Author    219
B. Problems by J. D. Hamilton Dickson    221
C. Experiments on Sweet Peas, bearing on the law of Regression.   225
D. Good and bad Temper in English Families    226
E. The Geometric Mean in Vital and Social Statistics   238

F. Probable extinction of Families, 214 ; Discussion of the Problem

by the, Rev. H. W. Watson, D.Sc   241

G. Orderly arrangement of Hereditary Data    248

INDEX    257