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My schedule of printed questions, together with the ample spaces left for replies, filled, I am half ashamed to acknowledge, seven huge quarto pages. It would be a cumbrous addition to a publication like the present to reproduce these in the same form in which they were framed ; and as the following extracts (with trifling variations rendered necessary by the change of form) cover precisely the same ground, and are sufficient for explanation, I abstain from doing so.'

A circular letter, in which I explained briefly the object of the inquiry, accompanied the schedule, and I

1 I also omit the description of a notation I proposed to replace indefinite words such as "large," "considerable," because I have made no use of it in this volume. It is a modification of the class notation used by me in my "Hereditary Genius," and was alluded to and illustrated in my lecture before the Royal Institution, 1874. I have by no means abandoned its advocacy, but have learnt the necessity of explaining and exemplifying it in considerable detail before its merits and convenience are likely to become as generally recognised as I believe they deserve to be.