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ing is a very common one. There are many touching evidences of the strong effect of home encouragement and teaching ; of this I have already spoken, and need not dwell upon afresh.

In corroboration of the conclusions stated in p. 216, on the favourable influence of the Scotch system in developing a taste for science, I remark that in these replies, a large proportion of the scientific men who have mentioned any merits in their education, were educated in


As regards the subjects specially asked for, even by biologists, mathematics take a prominent place. Two of my correspondents speak strongly of the advantages derived from logic, and the weighty judgment of the late John S. Mill powerfully corroborates their opinions. Accuracy of delineation is also spoken of, and, owing to the extraordinary prevalence of mechanical aptitudes, I believe that the teaching of mechanical drawing and manipulation would be greatly prized.

The interpretation that I put on the answers