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One-third of those who sent replies have been educated at Oxford or Cambridge, one-third at Scotch, Irish, or London universities, and the remaining third at no university at all. I am totally unable to decide which of the three groups occupies the highest scientific position they seem to me very much alike in this respect.

The questions to which the following replies were given, were as follows:-"Was your education especially conducive to, or restrictive of, habits of observation ? " " Was your education eminently conducive to health or the reverse ? " " What do you consider to have been peculiar merits in your education ? " "What were the chief omissions in it, and what faults of commission can you indicate? " I also asked for information concerning the places of education, both schools and colleges, and as regards home and self-instruction. The answers were, in some cases, very interesting from their minute elaboration, but I am, of course, restricted on this occasion to a simple treatment of them. I cannot now paint with delicate tints, but must