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We now come to the final group, namely, those influences which cannot be sorted into any of the 8 groups with definite titles, which we have already examined. At the outset I spoke

of these unclassed conditions as forming a class by themselves, of no great importance, and which might be indefinitely reduced in proportion as we chose to pursue our analysis. I estimate that the 91 replies which I have received and analysed assign a total of 191 causes. It now appears that no less than 188 of these fall into one or other of 8 definite groups, and that there remain only 3 on our hands for the unclassed residuum. Even these are apparently due to aggregates of conditions, the more important of which would probably find their place among the 8 groups, leaving a still minuter residue. We may lightly dismiss them as of inappreciably small importance in our present inquiry.

Chemistry. - (10) Entirely due to eireum-