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elementary phenomena, not to be barked at or wondered about. Travel in distant countries, by unsettling these quasi-axiomatic ideas, restores to the educated man the freshness of childhood in observing new things and in seeking reasons for all he sees.

I believe that a handsome endowment of travelling fellowships, thoroughly well paid, with extra allowance for any special work allotted to their holders, given only to young men of high qualifications, and lasting for at least 5 years, would be money well bestowed in the furtherance of science.

Physics and Mathematics.--(3) To some extent my tastes were determined by events after manhood, because for 10 years I held positions of great responsibility [in distant parts of the world], but I consider they were formed in my youth. (9) Ocean voyaging in the beginning of life ; solitary observing for years in a country verging on a desert, under southern skies. (13) The distinct origin . . . . was the wonderful effect produced on me by the aspects of nature,