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Chemistry.-(7) Chiefly to being sent as a pupil to an eminent man of science.

Geology.-(5) Lectures by .   .

Zoology.-(5) My scientific tastes were largely promoted by the attractive teaching of . [various professors]. (17) And to being the assistant and close companion of . . . . (24) I can trace it [in part] distinctly to my intercourse with certain professors.

Botany.-(4) I date my first efforts of any consequence from an early intimacy with . . whose pupil and assistant I was ; the necessity of accurate work then dawned upon me. (6) The companionship of . . . . incited me to prosecute botany with vigour ; I was one of his best pupils, and travelled with him.

Medical Science.-(4) Subsequently by the approval of teachers, having been selected chiefassistant.

Statistics.-(4) Very clear occasional lectures, when a boy, on moral and economical subjects ;