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Zoology.-(3) The help of . . . . has aided me immensely. (10) I was much under the influence of a remarkable man, a most accomplished naturalist. (23) The example of many men whom I knew when I was young, proved a great stimulus and incentive. (24) I can trace it distinctly to my intercourse with certain professors.

Botany.-(5) . . . . was subsequently encouraged by [eminent botanists]. (9) I was thrown into the society of a gentleman who took much interest in botany. (10) They were determined afterwards by . . . . and the friend

ship and encouragement of the four greatest British botanists of the day.

Medical Science.-(1) [Partly] to the friendship of three eminent botanists. (7) Accidentally [directed] to medicine by associating with a medical friend in a superficial study of botany.

Statistics.-(5) [Partly] from intercourse with my father and certain of his friends.

Mechanical Science.-(2) The friendship of materially influenced my career.