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bent ; that portion of the innate tendency which admitted of being " resolved in the direction " of the scientific pursuit, being satisfied, the remainder being wasted. These cases are not numerous-only 16 altogether-but I give them the third place for the same reason that I gave group (B) the second.

Physics and Mathematics.-(5) Possession of special instruments. (8) Choosing engineering as a profession, but not following it. (19) Love of yachting (leading to researches on magnetism of ships).

Chemistry.-(6) The obtaining of correct and accurate results in chemical analysis gave me great satisfaction.

Geology.-(1) Interest in discoveries made in

. (3) A very early love of experiment and chemistry. (6) Should have followed chemistry and physics, but circumstances . . . . gave opportunities for geology.

Zoology.-(.5) My choosing . . . . for special investigation was due to a positive fascination