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nate. (3) Always fond of plants. (4) Was always fond of objective and experimental knowledge. (5) As a youth I followed of my own free will chemistry and other sciences. (6) A taste for natural science, especially botany, seems to have been innate. (7) [Scientific tastes. apparently innate.] (8) A natural inclination.

Medical Science.-Only 2 cases out' of 7. (1) Innate in a great degree. (2) I conclude the tastes were innate, as they showed themselves the moment the opportunity for developing them occurred.

Statistics.-3 cases out of 6. (1) Certainly my scientific tastes appear to me to have been, so to say, innate. (3) Innate, I think (4) Much inclined to think there was an innate tendency.

Mechanical Science.-At least 2 cases out of

5. (1) If any tastes be innate, mine were ; they date from beyond my recollection. (2) Decidedly innate.