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Medical Subsection.

(1) "Innate in a great degree. I trace the origin of my interest in science (1) to my mother's mental activity and love of collecting and arranging, and my father's constant encouragement of my pursuits ; (2) to the friendship of [three eminent botanists], by whom I was chiefly induced to study botany ; (3) to my profession, the choice of which was in some measure determined by my taste for collecting and studying." (a, d, e, f )

(2) " 1 selected the medical profession because it was that of my father. This choice led me to scientific pursuits, for which I had no previous predilection, as I had no opportunities that way. I conclude the tastes were innate, as they certainly showed themselves the moment the opportunity for developing them occurred, namely, at the commencement of my professional studies, get. 17." (a, d)