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My wife actively, assisted me in my botanical and other scientific pursuits, and to her advice and assistance I owe much of my success in life." (a, f, h)

(6) " The love for botany was instilled into me in very early youth by my father. We lived in the house of .... [a very eminent geologist], in

the vicinity of . , and I often took walks to those hills and collected plants. I also cultivated plants in our garden. A taste for natural science, especially botany, seems to have been innate. The companionship of . . . . incited me to prosecute botany with vigour. I was one of

his best pupils, and travelled over a great part

of . . . . with him." (e, g)

(7) [A posthumous account.] " He appears to have been attached to natural history all his life through, but never took up botany to any extent

till the professorship was vacant. [There is some conflict of testimony here.] I think his scientific tastes were innate. I have excellent drawings of insects made by him as a schoolboy ; also, he made a model of a caterpillar ; tried a