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allowed me to follow it very closely) arose from being sent to work, get. 15, in a chemical laboratory." (e)

(22) " I do not consider them innate, but induced by the following circumstances :-When I was at school, eat. 13-15, a lady, an old friend of my mother, gave me a few British shells, with their names, and a copy of ` Turton's Conchological Dictionary.' I thenceforth diligently collected British shells, and afterwards extended my researches." (b)

(23) " To my father's example (in science) ; to the profession of medicine (in physiology, anatomy, and . . . . ). It was my interest in my profession to work at scientific subjects, while young and while waiting for practice. The example of many men whom I knew when young proved a great stimulus and incen

tive." (e, d, f )

(24) "Not at all innate. I can trace it distinctly to my intercourse with certain professors .... ; subsequently to my desire to investigate