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inviting me to fill the . . . . chair, gave my work its bent   " (d, e)

(9) " I can trace my interest in chemistry to reading by accident a book upon it." (b)

(10) " I did nothing, even quasi-scientific, till after leaving college ; nothing serious till mt. 23. My pursuit of chemistry is entirely due to circumstances occurring after manhood, and in direct opposition to family influences." (z)

(11) " To the opportunity afforded for study of science at . . . My tastes received no encouragement whatever from relations, my mother excepted." (e, z)


(1) " Decidedly innate as regards coins and fossils. My father and an aunt collected coins and geological specimens, and I have both coins and specimens which have been in my possession since I was 9 years old. Subsequently my pursuits were influenced to some extent by the discoveries in .   but at that