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128   ENGLISH MEN OF SCIENCE.   [criar,

show that no class in the community are more active as philanthropists than scientific men. But these tendencies do not cover the meaning of the phrase, "religious bias " in its technical sense. So far as I understand that sense, it comprises three elements :

1. Great prevalence of the intuitive sentiments ; so much so, that conflicting matters of observation are apt to be laid aside, out of sight and mind. The intuitive sense of a supreme God, who communes with our hearts and directs us. 2. A sense of extreme sin and weakness, as expressed by the liturgical phrases, " No power of ourselves to help ourselves," " Through the weakness of our mortal nature we can do no good thing without Thee," &c. 3. Revelation of a future life and of other matters variously interpreted by different sects, which, more or less, satisfy the intuitive sentiments.

I did not enter into these details in framing my questions, but simply asked in general terms whether or no my correspondents had a strong religious bias. The interpretation I put on the answers which are subjoined, is that religion, in