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exhibiting objects of natural history]. 9. " Strong natural inclination towards mechanism." [His present profession was accidental and against the grain]. 10 and 11. " Aptitude for mechanism." 12. " A decided turn for mechanical pursuits, both in arrangement and construction." Statistics.-13. "Fond of and quick in understanding machinery." 14. " I always took great interest in mechanical improvement." 15. " I often feel a positive pain in passing an object of which I do not comprehend the meaning and construction."


It appears that out of every ten scientific men, seven call themselves members of the established Churches of England, Scotland, or of the now disestablished Church of Ireland, and three belong to one or more of the following sects, which I name in the order in which they are most numerously represented :

1. None whatever ; 2. established Church with qualification ; 3. Unitarian ; 4. Noncon-