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IL.)   QUALITIES.   121

particular Latin poetry [at school] were gross mistakes ; I was never benefited in the least. Reasoning was my forte, and I could never do anything by rote."

4. " A bad memory, especially for names."

5. "Not possessed of a retentive memory either in small matters or large ones, except in those in which I take a special interest."

6. " I was always slow at learning."

7. " Memory not retentive ; very much under the influence of association and suggestion.

" Father-Memory very retentive as to principles, facts, and incidents ; not much so as to names of persons and objects. Mother-Not retentive."


We now come to the qualities that are of especial service to scientific men ; those already mentioned, of energy, health, steadiness of pursuit, business habits and memory, being of general utility. The first of these is