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116   ENGLISH MEN OF SCIENCE.   [carer.

Good memory for names in natural history.

The power of recollecting a multitude of grotesque and barbarous names, which all naturalists must possess to a considerable degree, and which seems so extraordinary to persons who are not naturalists, is hardly alluded to in these returns. It would appear that our most eminent naturalists are not very specially gifted among their fellow workers in this respect. Here are a few cases of a rather good memory of the kind-

1. "Memory strong up to the age of 38; still good and capable of recognizing and naming probably between two and three thousand species of animals and plants, including fossil forms.

" Father-Remarkable ; capable of accurately repeating from memory the substance of speeches delivered at clerical and other meetings."

2. " Retentive of botanical names ; rather deficient in other respects, especially as to persons.