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11.]   Q UALITI L'S.   109

(2) good memory for facts and figures, 9 cases ; (3) good memory for form, 6 cases ; (4) good memory for names in natural history, 4 cases ; (5) good memory, no details, 5 cases ; (6) fitful and peculiar memory, 6 cases ; (7) bad memory, 7 cases. Total number of noteworthy cases, 43. I have not included in the above, a few instances in which the scientific man has described his own memory, simply as " good," nor others in which he has made no remark, except that one of his parents had very good memory. The hereditary character of this quality is abundantly illustrated.

Good verbal memory, as for prose and poetry.

1. "Very great, both for facts and words ; I could in my earlier clays often retain poetry after two perusals, and once learned, it was

seldom forgotten. I have seldom met a quicker or more retentive memory in any one."

2. "After reading over a lecture or speech of an hour's duration, three times, can recollect nearly the words as written for 8 or 10 days."