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TI.]   QUALITIES.   103


Steady perseverance is a third quality on which great stress is laid ; but this might have been anticipated, and it is unnecessary to quote many instances. Here are a few :

1. " I have probably beyond the average, steadiness of determination, even when the subject is distasteful." 2. "Steadiness decidedly marked." 3. " Determination never to leave unaccomplished a matter once taken in hand." 4. "Great continuity and steadiness." 5. "Steady and intense perseverance." 6. " Very persevering, not discouraged by defeat." 7. " Determination to succeed when possible ; my motto being `Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might,' for ` the night soon cometh when no man can -work."' 8. " I do all things at a white heat, but never tire of the pursuit." 9. " Continuous pursuit of certain studies from an early age." 10. " Steadiness and perseverance in the pursuit of an object is my most distinctly-marked peculiarity." 11. " The most prominent are perseverance and