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the achievements of these, solely in respect to high university success, partly because several of the cousins are too young to have had time fully to distinguish themselves otherwise. Let us limit ourselves to the following names (the list would be lengthened if we took a lower level) :-Cambridge : (1) Alderson, both first classic and senior wrangler, that is, first mathematician of his year at Cambridge ; (2) Woodhouse, senior wrangler ; (3) Main, senior wrangler ; (4) Humphrey, senior classic ; (5) Scott, joint senior classic. Oxford : here the method of examination affords no means of ascertaining who is absolutely the first of his year, since the men are grouped alphabetically in classes, and not according to their order of merit in those classes. The names I will select are those of men who were in the first class and have subsequently distinguished themselves, viz.: (6) Moberly, head master of Winchester, now Bishop of Salisbury; (7) Francis Palgrave, critic ; (8) Hon. George Brodrick, first class both in classics and history, well known as an influential though anonymous writer. It is a remarkable