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r.]   ANTECEDENTS.   65

tion concerning the families of 120 scientific men :

I find in the first group of 660 persons:-(1) Jeremy Bentham, a great leader of thought and founder of a school of philosophy ; (2) Wedgewood, the founder of a national industry and art ; (3) Compton, the inventor of a machine for cotton manufacture, which gave a timely impetus to that great national industry; (4) Maskelyne, an astronomer-royal ; (5) Playfair, the scientific head of a Scotch university ; (6) William Smith, founder of British geology ; (7) Harcourt, the lawgiver and first president of the British Association ; (8) Pemberton Milnes, who refused both a secretaryship of state and a peerage ; (9) Latrobe, who was to the very worthy sect of the Moravians much what Barclay was to the Quakers, that is to say, not its founder, but a great support to it; (10 and 11) two archbishops, Harcourt of York and Brodrick of Cashel ; (12) Erasmus Darwin, poet and philosopher of high repute in his day ; (13) Isaac Taylor, author of " Natural History of Enthusiasm," &c. I will stop here, though it would be