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1.]   ANTECEDEIV Td.   47

Francis Darwin, originally a physician, but for many years living in a then secluded part of Derbyshire, surrounded by animal oddities ; halfwild pigs ran about the woods, tamed snakes frequented the house, and the like.

Third generation.-8 males, 14 females, of whom 3 males may be mentioned; but illustriously among them-(1) Charles Darwin, F.R.S., "the Aristotle of our days," whom all scientific men reverence and love ; the simple grandeur of whose conclusions is as remarkable as the magnitude and multifariousness of their foundation. There is much ability in many individuals in this generation who bear the name of Darwin, and it has been strongly directed to natural history in the case of (2) a son of Sir Francis Darwin, a frequent writer, under a well-known nom de plume, on sporting matters. Among those who do not bear that name (being children of the daughters of Dr. Erasmus Darwin), I mention (3) myself,'

1 Captain Douglas Galton, F.R.S., distinguished for official activity in many high posts, and now Director of Public Works, is descended maternally, not from the Darwin,

but from the Strutt family, which has produced noted mechanicians.