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t.]   ANTECEDENTS.   4:3

Alderson, R.A., a distinguished officer; also a married lady of high artistic powers.

BENTHAM.-A family consisting of only 3 male representatives, all eminent, and one illustrious.

First generation.-2 brothers:-(I) Jeremy Bentham, jurist of the highest rank (life by Sir J. Bowring, prefixed to the collected works edited by him) ; (2) General Sir Samuel Bentham, whose early manhood was spent in the Russian service ; distinguished for his numerous administrative reforms and singular inventive power. Afterwards inspector-general of naval works in England (life by his widow, 1862).

Second generation.-1 male only:-George Bentham, F.R.S., systematic botanist of the highest rank ; in early life, writer on logic ; for many years President of the Linneean Society.

CARPENTER.-Among the characteristics of this family are literary and scientific enterprise, philanthropic effort, nonconformity, and aptitude for oral exposition.

First generation.-Rev. Lant Carpenter, LL.D.,