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Therefore as we are dealing with 3 distinct periods, 11 societies, and 20 members of council to each, there have been about (3 x 11 x 20 =) 660 separate appointments. Clergymen have held only 16 of these, or 1 in 40 ; and they have in nearly every case been attached to those subdivisions of science which have fewest salient points to scratch or jar against dogma. Thus Prof. Challis, Dr. Lloyd, Dr. Robinson, Dr. Whewell, Rev. J. Fisher, Rev. W. Webb, Rev. Vernon Harcourt, Prof. Pritchard, Prof. Price, Rev. J. Barlow, and Prof. Willis are all chiefly connected with astronomy, physics, and mathematics ; the five remaining names are those of the Rev. G. C. Renouard, the geographer ; Bishop Wilberforce, and the Rev. Dunbar Heath, of whom I have already spoken ; the Rev. Dr. Nicholson, and the Rev. Canon Greenwell : there is not a single biologist among them.