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similarity of their nurture did not affect their features. The moral likeness was superficial, because a sore trial of temper, which produced a violent quarrel between them, brought out great dissimilarity of character. In the competition between nature and nurture, when the differences in either case do not exceed those which distinguish individuals of the same race living in the same country under no very exceptional conditions, nature certainly proves the stronger of the two.


As regards the race of the scientific men on my list, it has already been mentioned that for the purposes of a census enumeration threefourths may be considered English, but their precise origin is as follows. Omitting a few Germans, out of every 10 scientific men, 5 are pure English ; 1 is Anglo-Welsh ; 1 is AngloIrish ; 1 is pure Scotch ; 1 includes Anglo-Scotch, Scotch-Irish, pure Irish, Welsh, Manx and Channel Islands ; finally, 1 is " unclassed." These un-