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resemblance necessarily gives way under the gradually accumulated influences of difference of nurture, but it often lasts till manhood. I have been told of a case in which two twin

brothers, both married, the one a medical man, the other a clergyman, were staying at the same house. One morning, for a joke, they changed their neckties, and each personated the other, sitting by his wife through the whole of the breakfast without discovery. Shakespeare was a close observer of nature ; it is, therefore, worth recollecting that he recognizes in his thirty-six plays three pairs of family likeness so deceptive

as to create absurd confusion. Two of these pairs are in the " Comedy of Errors," and the other in "Twelfth Night" (v. 1.) I heard of a case not many years back in which a young Englishman had travelled to St. Petersburg, then much less accessible than now, with no letters of introduction, and who lost his pocket-book, and was penniless. He was walking along the quay in some despair at his prospects, when he was startled by the cheery voice of a stranger who accosted him, saying he required no intro-