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viii   PREFACE.

I may add that four of the scientific men who replied to my questions have passed away since I began to write. Of these, two had sent me complete returns, namely, Professor Phillips, the geologist, and Sir William Fairbairn, the engineer. As regards the other two-Sir Henry Holland, the physician, had published his autobiography, but he gave me much help colloquially, and promised more ; and Sir Edmund, better known as Count Strzelecki, the Australian traveller and meteorologist, furnished me with very suggestive information, but too incomplete for statistical use.


P.S.-I have to apologise for some faults of style in the earlier pages, due to my not having had as full an opportunity as I had counted upon of correcting that portion of the press.

After I had sent the above to the printer, <a friend happened to point out to me the fol-