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336   A rt of Travel.

to cut hairs, and will splinter if used to mend a pen, yet even a razor is shaped like a wedge, that it may not receive too fine an edge when stropped with its face flat upon the hone.

Nails, Substitutes for,-Lashings of raw hide supersede nails for almost every purpose. It is perfectly marvellous how a gunstock, that has been shattered into splinters, can be made as strong again as ever, by means of raw hide sewn round it and left to dry ; or by drawing the skin of an ox's leg like a stocking over it, It is well to treat your bit of skin as though parchment (which see) were to be made of it, burying the skin and scraping off the hair, before sewing it on, that it may make no eyesore. Tendons, or stout fish-skin such as shagreen, may also be used on the same principle. An axletree, cracked lengthwise, can easily be mended with raw hide ; even a broken wheel-tire may be replaced with rhinoceros or other thick hide ; if the country to be travelled over be dry.

Lathes may be wanted by a traveller, because the pulleys necessary for a large sailing-boat, and the screw of a car





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