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double, and then tie a common knot. The string may be quadrupled instead of doubled, if required.

Toggle and Strop.-This is a tourniquet. A single or a double band is made to enclose the two pieces of wood it is desired to lash together; then a stick is pushed into the band and forcibly twisted round. The

band should be of soft material,

such as the strands of a rope that has been picked to pieces for that purpose : the strands must, each of them, be untwisted and well rubbed

with a stick to take the kink out of them, and finally twisted in a direction opposite to their original one.

To sling a Jar.-Put it in a handkerchief or a net.

To tie a Parcel on the back, like a Knapsack.-Take a cord 10 feet long, double it, and lay the loop end upon a rock or other convenient elevation ; then place the object to be carried upon the cord, taking care that the loop is so spread out as to admit of its ultimately enclosing the object with a good hold and balance. Next pass the free ends of the cord over the object and through the loop; then, bringipg your shoulder to a level with the package, draw the free ends of the cords over your right shoulder: the cords will by this time have assumed the appearance shown in the sketch.

Now pass the left arm between the left-hand cord and the package


at B, and the right arm between

the right-hand cord and the package at c. Lastly, draw the cords tight, and the object will be found

to be fastened on to your back like a knapsack. A gun may be passed between the cords and the top of the object. This is a capital method of carrying a load of game over a broken country, where at least one hand is required to be free. I am indebted to Mr. F. M. Wyndham for a knowledge of it: he found it frequently in use in Norway. In hot countries the plan would not be so convenient, as the heat of a soft package strapped closely to the back is very oppressive.