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310   Art of Travel.

the matter of corporal punishment : there are some who fancy it a disgrace and a serious insult. A young traveller must therefore be discriminating and cautious in the licence he allows to his stick, or he may fall into sad trouble.

Kindliness of Women.-Wherever you go, you will find kindheartedness amongst women. ll ungo Park is fond of recording his experiences of this ; but I must add, that he seems to have been an especial favourite with the sex. The gentler of the two sexes is a " teterrima causa belli."

When you wish a Savage to keep count, give him a string of beads. The boxes and parcels that are sent by the overland route are, or were, counted in this way by an Arab overseer. He was described as having a cord with great beads strung on it, and the end of the cord was thrown over his shoulder. As each box passed him, he jerked a bead from the fore part of the cord to the back part of it, over his shoulder.

Drawing Lots.-It is often necessary to distribute things by lot. Do it by what children call " soldiering : " one stands with his back to the rest ; another, pointing to the portions in succession, calls out "Who is to have this ? " To which the first one replies by naming somebody, who at once takes possession.


To Fortify a Camp.-Farts at opposite Corners.-Explorers have frequent occasion to form a depot : either a few men are left in charge of the heavy luggage, while the rest of the party ride on a distant reconnoitring expedition ; or else the whole party may encamp for weeks, until the state of the season, or other cause, permits further travel. In either case, a little forethought and labour will vastly increase the security of the depot against hostile attempts. For instance, it should be placed at least 200 yards from any cover, or commanding heights; if the ground on which it stands have any features of strength about it, as being near the side of a stream, or being on a hill, so much the better ; the neighbourhood of shingle prevents persons from stealing across unheard; and,