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308   Art of Travel.

It will be seen from the Table that as 6 days' journey is the limit to which C can explore, so 4 days' journey is the limit for B, and 2 days for A. But where abundance of provision is secured at Pz by means of a relief party, the explorers might well make an effort and travel on half rations to a greater distance than the limits here assigned.


General Remarks.-A frank, joking, but determined manner, joined with an air of showing more confidence in the good faith of the natives than you really feel, is the best, It is observed, that a sea-captain generally succeeds in making an excellent impression on savages : they thoroughly appreciate common sense, truth, and uprightness ; and are not half such fools as strangers usually account them. If a savage does mischief, look on him as you would on a kicking mule, or a wild animal, whose nature is to be unruly and, vicious, and keep your temper quite unruffled. Evade the mischief, if you can : if you cannot, endure it; and do not trouble yourself overmuch about your dignity, or about retaliating on the man, except it be on the grounds of expediency. There are even times when any assumption of dignity becomes ludicrous, and the traveller must, as Mungo Park had once to do, "lay it down as a rule to make himself as useless and as insignificant as possible, as the only means of recovering his liberty." Law.-It is impossible but that a traveller must often take the law into his own hands. Some countries, no doubt, are governed with a strong arm by a savage despot; to whom or to whose subordinates appeals must of course be made ; but, for the most part, the system of life among savages is

The simple rule, the Good old plan,That they should take, who ha re the power; And They should keep, who can."

""here there is no civil law, or any kind of substitute for it, each man is, as it were, a nation in himself; and then the traveller ought to be guided in his actions by the motives that influence nations, whether to make war or to abstain

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