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274   Art of Travel.

ing a figure should be equal to a short flash, and the interval between two figures should be equal to a long flash. After the last figure of the signal is finished, there should be a pause equal to at least one-third of the time taken up by the figures. After this pause, the signal should be again repeated with the same measured flashes and intervals, and so continued until answered by all to whom it is addressed.

Exam.: 3   6   7   9   Pause 3   6   7

- - -, &c.

9   Pause 3   6   7   9   Pause, &c.

Care must be taken never to commence a fresh signal before the answers to the last have ceased ; and signals are never to be answered until their repetitions have been observed a sufficient number of times to make an error impossible.

~,    b




The signalman may work from left to right, or from right to left, as shown in figs. 1 and 2, according to convenience and the direction of the wind. To make a short flash, the flag is waved from a to b, and back to the normal position a. To make a long flash, the flag is waved from a to c, and back to the normal position a.

The numerals 1 to 5 are, therefore, denoted by one to five waves of the flag from a to b, recovering to a. The numeral 6 by a wave from a to c, recovering to a. The

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.

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